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This page includes medical glove manufacturers located around the world. These companies manufacture disposable gloves which include latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves.



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Pagerank 4 Medical Exam Gloves
Provides information on medical exam glove brands by comparing/contrasting features.

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Pagerank 4 Adenna
Adenna manufactures and distributes exam gloves, masks, and gowns to medical, dental, laboratory, and food industries.

Pagerank 2 Adventa Health
Adventa Health manufactures exam gloves, surgical gloves, and disposable medical supplies for hospitals.

Pagerank 5 Ansell Healthcare
Ansell manufactures and distributes disposable protective gear like surgical gloves, examination gloves, and condoms.

Pagerank 6 Best Glove
Best Glove manufactures protective disposable gloves for industrial and medical professionals. Products include medical gloves, chemical resistant gloves, and cut resistant gloves.

Pagerank 6 Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health is one of the largest medical glove providers and manufactures and distributes medical supplies throughout the world which include surgical and exam gloves.

Pagerank 2 Careplus
Careplus Malaysia manufactures medical/non-medical grade latex and nitrile gloves.

Pagerank 1 Gloveco Inc
Gloveco Inc manufactures latex-free exam gloves which include synthetic vinyl and nitrile gloves.

Pagerank 3 Hartalega
Hartalega manufactures, produces, and exports nitrile and latex exam gloves with factories in Malaysia.

Pagerank 5 Kimberly-Clark Health Care
Kimberly-Clark manufactures and distributes exam gloves, protective apparel, and patient care products.

Pagerank 7 Medline Industries
Medline, the largest exam glove provider in the US, manufactures and distributes medical supplies which include surgical and exam gloves.

Pagerank 4 Sempermed
Sempermed manufactures and distributes exam gloves, surgical gloves, and industrial-grade disposable gloves.

Pagerank 1 Shen Wei USA
Shen Wei USA manufactures disposable latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves with factories in China.

Pagerank 3 Shiang Shin Corporation
Shiang Shin manufactures nitrile, vinyl, and latex exam/surgical gloves.

Pagerank 4 Tillotson Healthcare Corporation
Tillotson Healthcare manufactures examination, surgical, and industrial-grade gloves.

Pagerank 4 Top Glove
Top Glove is the world's largest manufacturer of disposable gloves which include exam, surgical, and industrial gloves.